Investing for Income

Traditionally investors have turned to rental property ownership as a source of secondary income. The income stream provided by quality properties is an investment that can provide long term security and, in most cases, long term appreciation as well. Certain tax benefits are available to qualified investors. Combining rental real estate with a portfolio rich in stocks, mutual funds and bonds further diversifies one’s holdings.

Steve Grobl Real Estate can, of course, identify and guide the investor through the property selection and acquisition process. In many cases the subject property is in move-in condition. The potential investor/owner will manage the property independently, handling all aspects of the landlord/ tenant relationship.

If acquiring rental property is in your future, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to discuss this investment option with you.

A regrettable investment is one that does not appreciate

Steve Grobl Real Estate is unique in its ability to offer real estate services not only for buyers and sellers, but for investors as well. For investors, we specialize in residential properties as both short and long term investments on a non-owner occupied basis.

On the shorter time horizon investors might choose undervalued properties for quick turn around. These could be quality residences requiring a fast sale due to changes in employment, financial status, health, and marital or other reasons. Investors having the where- with-all to consummate a quick closing can benefit from these opportunities.

Neglected houses can be purchased, upgraded and resold for a profit. Often times these properties have been neglected and must be sold relatively undervalued. Distressed properties need not be limited to entry level or mid level dwellings. Executive caliber, high end homes, victims of frequent turnover, are also available for purchase, renovation and profitable sale.

Please give us a call if we can be of service to you, the real estate investor.