About SGRE

The daily operation of our business flows from one basic premise:

We wish those who come in contact with our services to be completely satisfied.

We put this theory into practice daily. It has worked for us over decades. We will continue to focus on this one objective. We owe our success to it.

In practice, delighted clients generate additional clients. That is what sustains our business and gratifies our associates.

Steve Grobl Real Estate knows how to deliver only one level of service, namely full service. Reduced compensation generally means a lower level marketing program, less attention to detail and limited client care. We are not a mass production operation. Lower fees, lower levels of service and less than optimum results can be found elsewhere.

The nature of our business is such that until we consummate a purchase or a sale, we do not receive our commission. We take on a substantial amount of risk by investing our time, talent and marketing budget with no guarantee of a return on our investment. We are very dedicated to our clients, be they large or not so large. In turn we ask for your loyalty.

All the best