Current Postcard

Steve Grobl Real Estate announces the 2017 “America’s Industries”contest winner.

Madeline, a junior at Neuqua Valley High School, is our youngest winner ever. She won with her answers and captured the $300.00 prize.

Our winner located Cliff’s Shaft Mine, Ishpeming, MI; answered 3/7/1926 as the first transatlantic telephone call via radio wave and 1956 as the installation of the transatlantic cable; counted 1,300,000 cows in WI; identified dendrochronology and Fall; and calculated 56 pounds for a bushel of corn.

Steve Grobl Real Estate hopes you join us for the 2018 contest, our nineteenth edition.

Sellers, be accurate on your sale price. Some agents suggest an overly
high asking price to gain your listing. Numerous price reductions over
time cost you mounting expenses. The correct price should achieve a
timely sale.

Congratulations to all participants,