Past Postcards 2000 – 2014

2014 Eastern Covered Bridges Campaign


Question 1: During repairs in the early 1950s the construction boss fell into the river below. Name the superintendent and the river the bridge straddles.




2014 February Postcard


Question 2: Name the State in which this bridge is located, the river below, and the builder.




2014 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: When was the steel section added because a flood changed the river’s channel?




April2014 April Postcard

Question 4: Arkosic sandstone rock formations nearby are world famous. Name this rock formation.




2015 May Postcard


Question 5: Give the name and location of the museum





2014 Postcard Winners2014 Winner

Frank (left) won with his answers and captured the $200 first place price. Paul’s answers won him second place and $100.





2013 New World Windmill Campaign

2013 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Located at 11630 rue Notre-Dame Est this mill is located in what city?




2013 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Where was the structure originally located and where has it been moved to?




2013 March Postcard


Question 3: A Tudor Revival styled mansion located on station grounds was built and first occupied by whom? Also name the armed services branch that later occupied the estate.




2013 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Although the zoo is now closed, the city is home to one of the world’s most famous hotels in continuous operation since 1893. Name the architect who designed the structure.




2013 May PostcardMay

Question 5: Visible from Interstate 294, on which farm was this mill constructed?




2013 Winner Postcard2013 Winner

Susan won with her answers and captured the $200 first place prize. Paul’s answers won him second place and $100.





2012 Sounds and Sights of Italy Postcard Campaign

2011 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Give the birth name of the jazz singer, considered by Sinatra himself as the best of the era, whose theme song is “I left my Heart in San Francisco.”




2011 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Identify the type of wood most commonly used in the foundation pilings.




2011 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: During the German retreat in August of 1944 this was the only bridge spared destruction, supposedly by direct orders from Adolph Hitler. Name this bridge and the river it spans.




2011 April PostcardApril

Question 4: The Porretta Soul Festival, since 1987, is considered the European showcase of the Memphis sound made famous by the likes of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. Give the name of the festival’s founder and the park where it is held.




2011 May Postcard


Question 5: This magnificent property changed hands on January 27,1489. Who purchased it and how much did they pay?




2011 Contest Winner

2012 Contest Winner

Paul won first place for $200. Julie won second place for $100.





2011 Barn Finds of Illinois Campaign

2011 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Name the winner of the 1965 Kentucky Derby, the bay colt’s Wheaton stable, and the jockey.




2011 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Name the nation’s first privately financed nuclear power plant located across the river from this barn.




2011 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: The gentleman that owns this barn falls into the active rather than passive category. Having been shunned by Augusta Nation Golf Club for a membership he decided to design and build his own private golf course now ranked in the top 50 courses in the USA. Name this auto enthusiast and his course.



2011 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Name the street that this barn considers its address. The street is also named after the original owners. The family sold at below market pricing so that the land would become open space accessible to the public.




2011 May PostcardMay

Question 5: Nine months after this crash the world was celebrating an aviation triumph in Pars, France. Name the famous pilot and the Illinois crash site.




2011 Contest Postcard2011 Contest Winner

Wilma and Bill took first place for $200. Jim took second place for $100.






2010 Illinois Railroad History Campaign

2010 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: In 1971, the final load of coal was delivered to the Sate Mental Hospital, the last customer serviced by this line. Name the railroad that first used these rails. Also name the trolley museum that currently uses them.




2010 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Identify the caboose by its number. Provide the date and location where it was built.




2010 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: Not far from this site was a 13,000 acre army depot. It was 4 miles wide and 14 miles long. Identify the army depot and what usage required this unique lay-out.




2010 April PostcardApril

Question 4: This town was once a thriving lead mining center. Give the name and address of the U.S. President who lived here.




2010 May PostcardMay

Question 5: Author Marguerite Henry lived near here. Give the full name of her pony and the Illinois town where they lived.




2010 Winner Postcard

2010 Contest Winner

Lori took first place for $200. Humberto took second place for $100.






2009 Native Americans of Illinois Campaign

2009 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Name this 2,600-acre state park made famous by a band of Illiniwek Indians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.




2009 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Name and give the location of this island referred to as “Island of the Hiding Place.”




2009 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: The owner of this former estate, now a forest preserve, founded a laboratory that became the foremost cryptology laboratory in the world credited with breaking the Japanese code machine used during World War II. Provide the name of the forest preserve.



2009 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Chief Waubonsee may have banished a young brave to this cave. Name the nature center where this cave is located.




2009 May PostcardMay

Question 5: Provide the name of the cemetery and city where Chief Shabbona is buried.




2009 Winner Postcard2009 Winner

Carolyn Lauing Finzer took first place for $200. Anne took second place for $100.





2008 Illinois Mansions Campaign

2008 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Name this mansion overlooking a park, the site of the first Lincoln-Douglas Debate.




2008 February Postcard


Question 2:Give both the name of the second family to own this home and the name of their dairy farm.




2008 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: The home’s downspouts, gutters and roof are of zinc as it does not rust. In addition to zinc, what chemicals made the owner of this home wealthy?




2008 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Provide the street address, and name the mansion’s original owner, a six-term Congressman and intimate friend of Theodore Roosevelt.




2008 May PostcardMay

Question 5: While the master of the house collects locomotives, orchestrions and the like, his wife collects what? Also provide her name.




2008 Winner Postcard2008 Winner

Fr. David, of Lisle, e-mailed his answers and captured the $200 first place prize. Charles’ answers won him second place and $100.




2007 Seward’s Foresight Campaign

2007 January Postcard


Question 1: In one of the greatest real estate deals of all time, how much did Secretary of State W.H. Seward pay per acre when he purchased Alaska from Russia?



2007 February Postcard


Question 2: Name this highway.





2007 March Postcard


Question 3: On which day does this spot know no sunshine; which day no darkness?




2007 March PostcardApril

Question 4: What is the maximum temperature at which oil emerges from the ground and the cooled temperature at which it starts its journey through the pipeline?




2007 April PostcardMay

Question 5: Name this sportswoman and the event she won 4 times.




2007 Winner Postcard2007 Winner

Lynn, of Somonauk took the $200 first place prize. Frank’s answers won him second place and $100.





2006 Temples and Tombs Campaign

2006 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: Name this Agra cenotaph and for whom it was built.




2006 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Name the ancient city, the civilization which built it, and the modern day country that surrounds these ruins.





Question 3: The painting of the Last Supper by Marcos Zapata inside this Cathedral depicts Jesus and his apostles eating what local dish?






2006 April Postcard April

Question 4: What is the movement of pilgrims visiting this shrine called, and in what direction do they move?




2006 May PostcardMay

Question 5: This temple, located 5 km east of Kathmandu, is one of the world’s most sacred Hindu shrines. To whom is this temple dedicated?






2006 Winner POstcard2006 Winner

Tom won the $200 first place prize. Kathryn, Susan, and Bill won the second place prize of $100.





2005 Driving Miss Movie Campaign

2005 January Postcard


Question 1: Central to the movie’s plot was a troubled tough kid. Name the character and the actor who played this part.





2005 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: Name the movie and give the actor’s nickname it coined.





2005 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: Give the movie’s title and the address of this house.





2005 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Name the covered bridge and give the number of miles it traveled from its original location.





2005 May PostcardMay

Question 5: Name the artist who created the postage stamp likeness of this actor.




2005 Winner Postcard2005 Winner

Dody won the $200.00 first place prize. Scott won the second place prize of $100.00.





2004 Historic Highways Campaign

2004 January Postcard







2004 February Postcard


Question 1: Identify the lake and name the local inventor of water skis.




2004 March PostcardMarch

Question 2: Peter Rabbit tempted fate and wandered into uncharted territory when he entered the garden with the same name as a town a few miles northwest of here. Whose garden did Peter Rabbit invade?




2004 April PostcardApril

Question 3: Provide the name of the town and state in which the western end of the bridge is located.




2004 May PostcardMay

Question 4: The steamboat pictured is a replica. The original was destroyed by fire in 1981. In what town is the paddlewheeler permanently displayed?




2014 Winner Postcard2004 Winner

Matt and Lisa Hanlon win the $200 prize.

Roger Wood, left (with Kyle, Andy, and Joey on deck), split the $100 prize.





2003 Mystery American Road Show Campaign

2003 January Postcard







2003 February PostcardFebruary

Question 1: Name the town and state in which Steve is standing.




2003 March PostcardMarch

Question 2: Name the mighty river, 300 yards in front of Steve, used to transport coal to the industrialized North.




2003 April PostcardApril

Question 3: Among miners, a common respiratory illness is long dormant before causing breathing difficulty. Name this disease using its vernacular description.




2003 May PostcardMay

Question 4: If the stock was cashed in on 11/30/93 how many shares would have been owned by the estate?





2003 Winner Postcard

2003 Winner

Marge and George won the $200 prize. Marjorie and Ed won the $100 second prize.





2002 Mystery Mountain Campaign

2002 February PostcardFebruary

Question 1: What is the name of
this ancient site?




2002 March Postcard


Question 2: Name this lake.





2002 April Postcard


Question 3: Give the name and nickname of this
sacred mountain peak.




2002 Winner Postcard

2002 Winner

Frank took the first place $200 prize. Joe receives a $100 second prize.




2001 Mystery Museum Campaign

2001 January PostcardJanuary

Question 1: What is the name of this outdoor museum of historic barns and old cars?




2001 February PostcardFebruary

Question 2: What is the name of this museum of art and architecture?




2001 March PostcardMarch

Question 3: What is the name of the local museum housing the bones of Bushman?




2001 April PostcardApril

Question 4: Name this museum.




2001 Winner Postcard2001 Winner

Aaron Schielke, took first place and the $200 prize. Diann and Bill Kohley took second place and $100 prize.





2000 Mystery Car Campaign

2000 January PostcardJanuary






2000 February PostcardFebruary






2000 March PostcardMarch






2000 April PostcardApril

Question 1: This convertible, sporting its original handmade White Ash and Honduran Mahogany wood body was purchased in what Illinois city or town?

Question 2: Today only 35 of these limited production automobiles are known to have survived. What make, model and year is this automotive classic?

Question 3: Amazingly this car has spent its entire lifetime in Illinois. The first owner purchased the car new for his wife. The second owner purchased the car in 1981. 1 purchased this car on December 4, 1999. What is your best guess as to the mileage, certified by the DuPage County Sheriff, on the VIN form.


2000 Winner Postcard2000 Winner

Pictured above, our first prize winners, Pat and Bill Witte.

Below, our second prize winners, Lorri and Craig Provow.